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DGU Podcast for Damian is one of the TOP ways he sees to be able to get his mind out to all of you. He’s all over the place in his mind, but that seems to be what people really like, because it’s completely out of the ordinary for people. Damian has seen himself as an inspiration to all in the world, although he was never always like this. He stated that in the beginning of his adult life, he just wanted to do anything & everything that made sense, but most of all made money & made people happier. In doing this Damian was able to find out that he was completely different than most people. He amongst his age bracket DO NOT match up at all, Damian is like a 50 year old mind in a 30 year old body. With doing this podcast, it’s a huge outlet for him to be able to express how HE is, there’s no way for someone to come in and filter what he says which he loves! Although Damian may curse in the podcasts, it’s extremely apparent that he’s not to be judged by how he talks, rather than what he says that is just FACTS. Damian has created other highly creative things in his past such as, screenplay, produces & directs photoshoots & video shoots, Graphic arts, Fitness, Auto, Freestyle motocross, Demolition, Stuntman & creating a huge name in the Cannabis space, all while doing DGU Podcast for all of you to gain a better understanding on life, inspirations, motivation, universe, business, relationships, he will go over just about any topic out there that can be done. Damian does NOT back down from sensitive topics. Without further a due, we want to welcome you to DGU PODCAST.

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